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By Shahn Gross

My  photography career started the 90's as an IT professional, originally I used my images to design, promote and create websites. Eventually diversified and moved into the advertising arena to photograph products and merchandise, sporting events, real estate along with fashion for print and commercial ads for major companies like Mayors Jewelers and Duncan Donuts.  I also expanded my services to include individual, family and pet portraits,as well as boudoir shots for private clients.  As I gained experience, my skills grew, as did my desire to steer in a more creative direction. 

Born in Canada, I have ventured the globe exploring much of Europe and South America. As a traveler, I was inspired by nature and wanted to capture its majestic beauty. I wandered from one amazing landscape to another, from the caves of Antelope Canyon, (Arizona) to the rolling hills of Tuscany, (Italy) seeking out the most spectacular scenic views and testing the boundries of my talent. 

As a professional, I have always been interested in expanding my knowledge of photography, techniques, and my repertoire of shooting skills.  Although I received formal training at the Palm Beach Photographic Institute, it was under the tutelage of seasoned, more experienced photographers out in the field where my greatest growth and achievement truly occurred. These mentors encouraged my desire while honing my abilities.  Now, with 20 years of shooting experience, my portfolio boasts a wide range of unique artistic perspectives and my work has been displayed in such venues as Art Basil, Miami Beach, LMNT Gallery Exhibitions in Miami and other various shows and galleries..


capturing beauty & art with my lens


"My love and appreciation for photography is very humbling, especially my own....I believe my first 30,000 pictures were nothing more than practice"